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For most companies, building their website is a significant investment in time and a long term commitment. Selecting the right web design company and getting an ideal website built can be daunting tasks. These web design articles are written by the VTech SEO team to help you understand various aspects of web design, and to help you work with your web design partner in building a website that best meets your needs.

Liquid Layout Pros and Cons

This web design article about the pros and cons of using a liquid layout explains both the merits and limitations of opting for a liquid layout while designing a website and and why a fixed-width layout is a safer and more preferred option.

Role of SEO in Web Design

How can SEO enhance your website design? Can your website design impact its SEO? What role can SEO play in making sure you have a design that performs well in search engines, without compromising aesthetics or functionality? This SEO article explains the role of SEO in shaping the design of your website.

What is a good Website?

Having a strong web presence is fast becoming essential for most businesses. A good website can help small businesses compete effectively with their more established competitors. This article will help you understand what makes a good website, help you define your web design needs and work with your web design partner in building a website that works for you.

Advantages of an HTML-based Website

In the fast-changing era of Content Management Systems (CMS), interactivity and technology-driven web presence, HTML still continues to be the optimal choice for most small and growing businesses. Read this article, to understand the advantages of using HTML for your business website.



Webdesign Articles

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