VTech SEO Team

The VTech SEO team and management

VTech SEO was established in 2007 as an SEO firm by professionals with over two decades' experience in marketing. Our in-house team includes specialists in SEO, marketing, advertising, design, writing and web technologies. Our associates and partners include highly skilled flash designers, web designers and marketing professionals. This healthy mix of talents gives VTech SEO a platform for offering effective and affordable search marketing strategies for our clients.

Our headquarters and marketing office is in New Delhi (India). We also have branch offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, and a marketing and client management office in Missouri (USA).

Over time, we intend to open marketing and development branches across the main IT cities of India, and develop business partnerships with SEO agencies, search marketing firms, advertising agencies and young teams from around the world. The VTech SEO team includes:

Director Marketing, SEO Specialist

Lakshmi is a partner at VTech SEO and the senior most SEO and content resource. With a background in Journalism and Psychology, and a work experience of 3 years at Yahoo!, Lakshmi has been practicing SEO for the past 7 – 8 years. Lakshmi brings to the table project management and team management skills. She can be contacted at +91 9900280307 and lakshmi@vtech-seo.com

Director SEO

Rashmi has 6 yrs experience of handling clients.She can be contacted at +91 9886793844 and rashmi@vtech-seo.com.

Director Web Development

Priyanka has 6 yrs experience in wed development.She can be contacted at +91 9742808747 and priyanka@vtech-seo.com.

SEO Operations Team

SEO Operations Team at VTech SEO

Our operations and development team includes writers, designers, Flash animators, search engine marketing specialists and programmers. We are a closely knit, dynamic team. With the latest in equipment, software and research resources, the development team works closely with Raghupati in operations, development and research.

An Extended Team of Associates

Associates of the VTech SEO Team

We work closely with our partner agencies in website development, internet technologies and research. Our associate agencies are our partners beyond a business interest. We work as a unified entity towards a common vision on all our ventures and projects. We continually look to partner with advertising agencies, search marketing agencies and organizations with a vision similar to ours. Whether it is in the area of business development, technological partnership or outsourcing, if you would like to be associated with VTech-SEO, feel free to contact VTech SEO.

About VTech SEO

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